Lumecca Skin Treatment

Lumecca treatment available from The Doctor and Company. Professional Aesthetics Clinic Lancashire, Manchester and London

What is Lumecca?

Lumecca is the ultimate solution for those seeking innovative IPL therapy to combat a wide range of skin imperfections. With its cutting-edge high-intensity light pulses, Lumecca expertly targets pigmentation irregularities, age spots, sun damage, vascular lesions, and various other skin discolorations, delivering the dramatically improved skin texture, reduced pore size, and an alluringly even skin tone you deserve.

Through its cutting-edge photothermolysis process, Lumecca delivers meticulously controlled pulses of light, directly targeting the areas of concern. The energy is absorbed by pigmented spots or blood vessels, causing them to break down and gradually fade away, while simultaneously triggering the body's natural healing response, encouraging collagen and elastin production for overall skin revitalization. Trust Lumecca to nourish and rejuvenate your skin like never before!

What areas can be treated with Lumecca?

Lumecca Treatment Prices

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Lumecca FAQs

The number of recommended sessions can vary based on individual skin concerns and treatment goals. In many cases, significant improvement can be seen after just one session, but a series of 2 to 4 treatments spaced a few weeks apart may be recommended for optimal results.

Lumecca is generally safe for a wide range of skin types. The treatment’s advanced technology allows for precise customisation, ensuring that it targets specific skin concerns while minimising the risk of damage to surrounding tissues.

Yes, Lumecca can be combined with other cosmetic treatments to enhance overall results. Your skincare professional can recommend a personalised treatment plan based on your unique needs and desired outcomes.

Following Lumecca skin treatment, you may notice some immediate improvements in skin tone and texture. Over the next few days and weeks, pigmented spots and vascular lesions will gradually fade, and your skin will become clearer and more radiant.

Yes, Lumecca is an effective treatment for addressing facial redness and rosacea. The IPL technology targets the excess blood vessels causing the redness, leading to a reduction in red patches and a more even skin tone.

Lumecca Skin Treatment Results