SkinCeuticals Cell Cycle Catalyst

This layerable serum accelerates skin surface renewal cycles and amplifies anti-ageing results such as fine lines and radiance.


Formulated with 7.7% multi-acid complex and 1% Taurine, an amino acid, it gently peels and enhances cell turnover at skin’s surface to smooth texture, improve appearance of discolouration.

Cell Cycle Catalyst is an optimal first step to boost the results of an anti-ageing routine. It can also be used to prepare skin ahead of professional chemical peels.



Enhances surface cell turnover

Amplifies visible results of anti-ageing regiment. Skin is visibly brighter. The appearance of pores, fine lines, smoothness and radiance is improved.

Respects skin’s natural barrier

Prepares skin and complements the results of chemical peels


Key Ingredients

7.7% Multi-Acid

1% Taurine




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